Make me an offer for 500 poker chips

The story ...

Last summer, I won sixty cents in a free poker tournament at I planned on playing until I lost it all, but decided not to take U.S. players for real-money games when Congress passed the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act. I cashed out and asked my readers what I should do with my sixty-cent check. One suggested I try to trade it for something better. So here I am, trying turn my sixty-cent check into a World Series of Poker Main Event entry through a series of trades. And while my plan may seem ridiculous, it's no more ridiculous than the UIGEA.

Currently available

Limited edition Super Bowl XXXVI football signed by former New England Patriots kicker Adam Vinatieri. Trade includes certificate of authenticity, and also includes autographed picture of Patriots' safety Rodney Harrison. Want more information? Go to the trade post. Want to make an offer? Shoot me an e-mail at . Want to know how I got this far? Go to the trading history.

I'm not the only one writing about Sixty Cent Main Event ...

First, Chuck Blount wrote about my quest in the San Antonio Express-News, and now Bill Fouts of the Noblesville Daily Times has written about my trade with Lee Adams.

The word is getting out there, and I'm still getting offers, but the right one still hasn't come across my lap yet. If you think you have something that you'd like to trade for the 1975-76 Indiana Pacers signed ABA basketball, and let me know what you've got!


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