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Last summer, I won sixty cents in a free poker tournament at I planned on playing until I lost it all, but decided not to take U.S. players for real-money games when Congress passed the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act. I cashed out and asked my readers what I should do with my sixty-cent check. One suggested I try to trade it for something better. So here I am, trying turn my sixty-cent check into a World Series of Poker Main Event entry through a series of trades. And while my plan may seem ridiculous, it's no more ridiculous than the UIGEA.

Currently available

Limited edition Super Bowl XXXVI football signed by former New England Patriots kicker Adam Vinatieri. Trade includes certificate of authenticity, and also includes autographed picture of Patriots' safety Rodney Harrison. Want more information? Go to the trade post. Want to make an offer? Shoot me an e-mail at . Want to know how I got this far? Go to the trading history.

Trade number three is in the books!

There’s a red house, over yonder
That’s where my baby stays
I ain’t been home to see my baby
In 99 and one half days
- Red House, Jimi Hendrix

Next week, I’ll be trading the ABA basketball signed by the 1975-76 Indiana Pacers for two small pieces of a house that Jimi Hendrix lived in while he was growing up.

And just as the basketball had a colorful history, this house’s history is fascinating.

Pete Sikov got in touch with me after seeing that I was trying to trade the basketball on Craig’s List in Seattle. He told me he had “an entire warehouse full of stuff” that I might be interested in, but that he wouldn’t deal with me if I wasn’t local.

While I live near the coast, it’s the Atlantic Coast, not the Pacific. But after I told him that I lived in Boston, he mentioned that his daughter would soon be graduating from a nearby college and that we could meet while he was in town for the Commencement ceremony.

Great -- now what are we going to trade? After thinking about it over the weekend, Pete offered me a small piece of the house Jimi Hendrix’s father owned from 1953-1965.

According to , the house was moved a few blocks from its original location to South Jackson Street in Seattle in 2003, and the James Marshall Hendrix Foundation planned on turning the house into a youth center with offices or housing upstairs.

Two years later, the city decided to take back the land and demanded that the foundation move the house again or it would be demolished. After some legal wrangling, the foundation found a suitable location in nearby Renton, Wash., across the street from Greenwood Cemetery where Hendrix is buried.

So how did Pete get these pieces of the house? Well, he actually owns it. And from 2001-2006, he was the treasurer of the James Marshall Hendrix Foundation. While the house was being moved there were some pieces that were removed and were not replaced, so he decided to offer me two pieces of it.

One piece is old wood with some old paint on it from the roofing area, while the other is a piece of broken asbestos siding. Pete advised me to avoid eating it. Even if it wasn’t asbestos, I wasn’t going to eat it, because then I wouldn’t be able to trade it. And that’s what this project is all about.

So I’ve completed the negotiations for my third trade and am now accepting trade offers for two small pieces of a house that Jimi Hendrix once lived in. The pieces of the house come with a certificate of authenticity, so you’ll know they’re the real deal.

So start sending those trade offers my way! Remember that I’m eventually trying to trade my way to a seat in the World Series of Poker. You don’t have to offer me the seat right now, but the offer should somehow get me closer to getting that seat.

You can reach me at . I look forward to reading your offers!


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